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What Are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are 100% real roses that were harvested at their peak bloom and preserved so that they last a year or longer.

How Long Do Preserved Roses Last?

Our preserved roses last a year or longer. When properly stored, many customers have reported that they last 3 years.

How Should Preserved Roses Be Stored?

Roses should be kept out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. Ideal environment is 50% humidity and 64-72 degrees. Preserved roses should not be watered or refrigerated. For open displays, just an occasional light dusting is needed.

Do Preserved Roses Smell?

No. Our preserved roses are unscented and untreated with fragrance. Do not spray your preserved roses with fragrance or use a mist diffuser near them.

Are Preserved Roses Toxic?

No. We use an all-natural glycerin preservation formula and food-safe colorant.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Returns are accepted within 7 days of delivery only if the roses are damaged or if a mistake was made by Urban Lafleur LLC.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Order?

Orders ship within 1-2 business day after being placed. You will receive tracking information after your order is processed Ground shipping is standard. Faster shippingis available for an additional charge.